1963 Jets vs. Patriots Color Photo Collection

1963 jets vs. patriots

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I was recently digging through eBay, when I came across a collection of nine color images from a preseason game between the Boston Patriots and New York Jets, played on Sunday, September 1, 1963.  The game was played at Rutgers Stadium, on the campus of Rutgers University.  The color in the images immediately drew my attention, and I purchased the lot. Preseason games usually aren’t a cause for much excitement, even in AFL times, but there are a couple of facts that made this game somewhat interesting.

  • The old New York Titans became the New York Jets in 1963, after the purchase of the club by Sonny Werblin.  Out with the old and in with the new, the Jets ditched the Titans blue and gold in favor of slick Kelly green and white uniforms.  The Jets would also were their airplane logo helmets for the just this season.  Jets’ players wore plain, white helmets in this game, and showed off the new logo at their season opener the next week, which was also against the Patriots.
  • Jess Richardson, #75 for the Patriots, can be seen on the left-side of Image #6.  Richardson was the last professional player to not wear a facemask.
  • The Jets won the preseason game by a score of 22-20, but the Patriots took the season opener the following week, 38-14.
1963 jets vs. patriots

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1963 jets vs. patriots

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1963 jets vs. patriots

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1963 jets vs. patriots

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1963 jets vs. patriots

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1963 jets vs. patriots

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1963 jets vs. patriots

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1963 jets vs. patriots

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12 Responses to 1963 Jets vs. Patriots Color Photo Collection

  1. billd says:

    Great photos! Liked the photos of Jet DT Dick Guesman placekicking. !963 was an era of smaller rosters which made dual role players important. Defensive lineman Dick Guesman, Lou Michaels, Lou Groza and Mack Yoho were some of placekickers of the day. Thanks.

    • Tom says:

      Up until that time is was the norm to have position players place kick, from Bobby Layne, George Blanda, Paul Hornung, Tom Tracy, Bobby Walston, Bobby Joe Conrad, Bert Rechichar, Gordy Soltau, Pat Summerall, Jerry Kramer, to Gene Mingo, Cookie Gilchrist, Gino Capelletti, Jack Spikes and briefly Keith Lincoln. The Rams, Redskins and Colts were the first to use specialty players as place kickers.

  2. Erik says:

    I agree, great photos Todd. It just makes you want to take a trip back in time.

  3. Virgil Baldon, Jr. says:

    What strikes me is the attendance at this game…the stands look SRO! Good to see this level of support back then.

  4. Mike says:

    Even the AFL officials looked better!

  5. John says:

    Excellent pictures!

  6. Eddie Arminio says:

    If Bob Kraft is reading this,please go back to the red and white uniforms and the Pat Patriot logo.They were great uniforms , ranking right up there with the powder blue Charger outfits.

  7. Virgil Baldon, Jr. says:

    #79 Jets, Sherman Plunkett was a load, wasn’t he? He split LT and RT time interchangeably with Rookie Winston Hill this 1963 season.

    (HOF nominators/voters, there’s that name again…WINSTON CORDELL HILL…what are you waiting for?? Look at the film and videotape of him and do your duty-vote him IN!)

  8. 1967 says:

    Memorable quote from SPORT magazine circa 1967, scout’s & coaches rate the AFL players – “Getting around Plunkett is like trying to go around the entire damn world.”

    I note ‘Pro Football Reference’ lists Sherm at 6’4 290; I’m not a Jets fan, but seem to recall he listed about 6’3 322 in ’67 (back in the days when 300 + lbs. actually meant something, unlike today when it’s the norm.)

  9. Bert Lawlor says:

    Great photos! A couple of things stick out… Bob Dee’s 3-bar facemask in image #2… Patriots players with those 3/4 length sleeves – even in August/September… The wooden goalposts – right on the goaline. I bet the Pat’s took busses or trains from Boston to NJ for this game. They cut costs whenever and wherever they could.

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