1964 Kansas City Chiefs postcard

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1964 kansas city chiefs postcard

When I paired down my collection of AFL memorabilia, I kept those things that gave me the most enjoyment.  Autographed trading cards were at the top of that list.  But falling in somewhere slightly below were AFL-related postcards.  While I don’t consider myself an expert when it comes to this branch of collectable, I have learned a bit in my years of collecting.  Stadium views are by far the most common theme found in AFL postcards, with individual player and team photo cards being much more difficult to find.

While browsing eBay the other day, I stumbled across this beautiful Brown & Bigelow 1964 Kansas City Chiefs team photo postcard.  The beautiful color card shows the Chiefs team loaded with talent – Haynes, Dawson, Bell, Buchanan, Arbanas, Tyrer, Budde, Burford and many more.  As well, this is one of just a handful of collectables that also show #36 Mack Lee Hill, who died on the operating table during knee surgery in December 1965.

1964 kansas city chiefs postcard

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One Response to 1964 Kansas City Chiefs postcard

  1. iakcfan says:

    I did a quick internet search on Mack Lee Hill’s death and all but one of the articles I found, including the one on the Chiefs’ website, says he died during surgery. The Gettysburg Times says he died a hour and a half after surgery, it is the only article I found that was written at the time of Hill’s death and it includes quotes from the Chiefs’ doctor and the doctor that did the autopsy. I am left with the question which story is true.

    Here is a link to the Times’ story. There is also a story on the same page about Paul Brown effort to obtain a NFL franchise in Cincinnati. http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=2202&dat=19651215&id=8iomAAAAIBAJ&sjid=Qv4FAAAAIBAJ&pg=2867,1560888

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