1968 Raiders at Bills Video

Here is a great highlight video of the Raiders at Bills game from 1968.  Lots of late AFL stars in this one.  Among my favorite pieces in this highlight film are:

  • Paul Maguire tackling the Raiders George Atkinson on a punt return at roughly the 2-minute mark.  Best tackle by a punter (er…  linebacker) I’ve seen in a while.  Of course, former Chargers Aussie punter, Darren Bennett, could knock someone down when he needed to.
  • Haven Moses.  A San Diego State star who, at least in San Diego, kind of gets hidden in the shadow of Gary Garrison.  Moses was a great receiver for Don Coryell’s Aztecs.
  • Defensive back, Dave Grayson, with the Raiders.  Nearing the end of his career by 1968, but Grayson was a crafty veteran.  He is another guy with San Diego ties, as he grew up here, playing at a local Boys & Girls Club with fellow AFL’ers Art & Charlie Powell, and Willie West.
  • Daryle Lamonica…  He sure threw a great bomb!
  • Lastly, my old buddy, Ben Davidson causing Bills qb, Dan Darragh to fumble, but HoF guard, Billy Shaw, grabbed the bouncing ball and rumble downfield for several yards!
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  1. TK says:

    I believe this game caused Bills Head Coach Joe Collier to lose his job …..Lamonica came back and assaulted his old team in this game…..When Buffalo traded him to Oakland it set the Bills back a decade…..

  2. 1967 says:

    ~ Of ‘firsts’ & ‘deja vu’ ~

    … wins, losses, rookies, seasons, debuts & tds

    KC’s Mike Garrett returned a punt 79 yards for a td in his first pro game which opened the 1966 season vs the Bills in BUFF, leaving Paul McGuire sprawled on the ground/faked out in about three different directions at once by Mike.

    Two years later, George Atkinson playing in his first pro game and the Raiders 1968 season opener, went 86 yards for a td vs the Bills in BUFF, McGuire left in Atkinson’s wake.

    … and of Championship’s won & lost, ascent & demise

    BUFF was defending AFL Champion to begin ’66…they had joy they had fun they had seasons in the sun, but it was the beginning of the end for the once proud thundering herd, mediocrity’s arrival.

    BUFF started that ’68 season 0-3… then went out and beat the eventual World Champion New York Jets – NY’s first loss of the season, go figure. It proved to be the Bills first and only win of the entire season.

    On any given Sunday…

    • Tom says:

      As you reference firsts one of the great tragedies occurred the following season 1969 and it involved OJ. The Bills final 1969 pre season game was played against the LA Rams in the Coliseum and it was OJ’s first game back in LA. Bill Seinsoth while at USC became close friends with the Juice, Seinsoth was to college baseball what OJ was to football and the Dodgers selected the strapping first baseman in the first round. Seinsoth was playing in Reno and after the game threw a few things in his VW bug and headed to LA to meet up with friends and hang out with OJ after the game. Seinsoth drove from Reno to Las Vegas and stopped off to pick up some personalized bats, then got back on the road and southbound on the 15 freeway 15 or so miles south of the ghost town city of Calico drove his car off the road and was killed. Famed baseball coach Rod Dedeaux said ” If Bill had lived no one would have ever heard of Steve Garvey”. Bill is buried in Rose Hills Cemetery in Whittier the same cemetery former Bills great wide receiver Bobby Chandler is buried.

  3. billd says:

    A lot of AFL history in this film. HOF Willie Brown, George Blanda, Billy Shaw. The 68 Raiders were breaking in Larry Todd, Warren Wells and Charlie Smith, who were taking over for Clem Daniels and Art Powell (traded to Bills prior to 67). The Raiders missed the speed of Daniels (injury) and Powell (traded) in SBII. The Bills in 68 were a wreck. Kemp was injured in a preseason scrimmage(WHAT?) and missed the entire season. Injuries to Dick Hudson and Joe O’Donnell hurt the offensive line but allowed Bob Kalsu (#61) his season of glory before being killed in action in Vietnam. The receiving corps had recently lost Bobby Crockett, Art Powell and Glen Bass to injury and Elbert Dubenion to age. RB’s Wray Carlton had retired and Bobby Burnett could not rebound from injuries. The Bills received Tom Flores in exchange for Lamonica but released him. So when Kemp went down there was no competent replacement. DT Sestak had bad knees and Tom Day was getting old. The Bills were in decline but the Raiders were scary. Wonder what would have happened in an AFL championship game with no wind. The AFL probably had their second best team in SBIII (and IV).

    • Tom says:

      Thank you for recalling Bob Kalsu a man of honor, character and courage.
      Max Andersen and Larry Todd both played for Frank Kush in college at Arizona State. Larry attended the high school Paul Lowe attended Compton Centennial. Mini Max attended Edison HS in Stockton. From the looks of the film It raises the question. Why Larry Todd, a latter day Arian Foster looking back, wasn’t given more opportunity to play? Mini Max’s opportunities became non existent after OJ arrived but did manage to play another season 1971 in the CFL with Hamilton.
      In Hamilton Mini Max teamed with Al Brenner and was coached by Al Dorow, under different circumstance at least three of Mini Max’s teammates Kalsu, OJ and Brenner’s lives ended up tragically, Kalsu heroically, OJ and Brenner bizarrely.
      Larry Todd was only 47 when he died in Oakland and I never learned or heard the circumstance that surrounded his death, but know one thing for sure it wasn’t old age.

  4. Tom says:

    Haven Moses attended San Pedro HS and teamed at Harbor College and San Diego State with Don Horn, I’ve seen mention that Haven briefly attended now closed Fermin Lausen. I mentioned Al Brenner the brilliant former Michigan State star who disappeared in 1983 and did not reappear until 1991, Brenner was the 170 player taken in the 1969 Draft picked after UCLA star receiver and NCAA hurdles champion Ron Copeland who the Bears selected and was the 169th player taken.
    Copeland played only six games and was diagnosed with early onset congenital heart disease and at 22 years of age was forced to retire. At the age of 28 a week after his father died of heart failure he died as well. In 1989 Ron’s 17 year old son Kevin a star wide receiver playing for Dorsey HS, the school his father and Frank Buncom both attended, when during a game at San Pedro HS, Haven’s old school, Kevin went into cardiac arrest and died on the playing field.

  5. Jeff says:

    Was at this game with my Dad. I was 10 at the time. This was the game where I realized that the great Bills teams of just a few years earlier had gotten old and injured and were no more. It had never occured to me before this day that my beloved Bills could get their asses kicked this badly. I still hate the Raiders ( but not as much as I hate any of the teams that made up the NFL at that time). Fortunately for my fragile 10 year old psyche, Dad also took me to the Jets game a couple weeks later. To this day my favorite Bills game of all time.

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