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>The AFL’s 10 Most Important Players… I think.

>A friend of mine recently asked me to give my opinion on who were the 10 most important players in AFL history.  He is planning some sort of memorabilia display for his man cave, a portion of which will recall the AFL.  

I thought this was an interesting question because certainly the most important players doesn’t necessarily mean the best players.  Granted there would be crossover between the two groups, but they are indeed different.  So I took a stab at the request and came up with my version of the AFL’s 10 Most Important.  He immediately came back with a how could you leave him off-type of response, which I enjoyed and attempted to rebut.  The exercise was enjoyable, and actually took more though than I would have originally imagined.  Now I am making my list available for public consumption, and hoping that it might spark a bit of debate.  Let’s see what you all think! First off, my friend asked me to rank the players in two groups – the first five and the second five, but not necessarily in a 1-10 order.  So the first group is my top five, listed alphabetically by their last name.  Same thing goes with the second group. =&0=&

Lance Alworth was the AFL’s first superstar.  Lightning-fast, with incredible hands and leaping ability, Bambi was the go-to guy in the AFL’s top offense.  He led the league in receptions three times, was a perennial all-star, and the 1963 AFL Most Valuable Player.  Alworth was the first player from the AFL to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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