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The Oddest AFL Item in my Collections

Coates flyer

Being a collector of AFL memorabilia, I occasionally find large accumulations of material that come up for sale.  When this type of thing occurs, the seller often has a “take all of it, or none of it”-type of disposition.  The person is sometimes cleaning out their garage, or maybe they found a stash of stuff at a yard sale and want to make a few buck reselling it.  Whatever the situation, I am happy to take a look at it and see if we can come to some sort of agreement.  If I am fortunate, the items for purchase will include a few pieces that fit immediately into my collections, perhaps even filling a hole or two on one of my many want lists.  Once the proverbial cream is skimmed off the top, I am usually left with some items that I like, but do not need, others that I do not like and definitely do not want, and a handful about which I can’t immediately form an opinion.  I picked up just such an oddball piece about five years ago when I purchased a large lot of early AFL Chargers items from a collector in San Diego. read more