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Rookie of Renown

I am pleased to announce that our first-ever guest blogger on Tales from the American Football League is Dave Steidel, author of Remember the AFL; The Ultimate Fan’s Guide to the American Football League.  In his piece, Rookie of Renown, Steidel takes a look at two successful 1960s running backs, and ponders why one has a bust in Canton, Ohio, and the other does not.

While fairy tales are among some of the most loved stories in literary history, at times even the best of them are hard to believe.  They can even be the things that legends or worse, reputations, are made from.  Back in the sixties during the days of the AFL/NFL wars many veteran columnists around the country and some writers of SPORT magazine, Sports Illustrated wrote the story of the American Football League as if it were a fairy tale – a myth.  During the early years of the AFL  journalist wrote about those who played the game in new league as if they could never and would never be on the same level as anything the NFL had to offer.  And in 1965, six years beyond their opening kickoff, those types of stories still described the players and events of the AFL. read more