Daily Archives: July 4, 2012

My Memories of Big Ben Davidson

I remember the first time that I saw Big Ben Davidson in my hometown of La Mesa.  I was a high school junior, and a linebacker on the football team, when my dad pointed out a very tall man with a handlebar mustache standing a few feet away from me at a Souplantation restaurant.  We did not speak, but I remember recognizing him from the great Miller Lite beer commercials as well.  In many ways, La Mesa is still a small town, and after that, I would bump into Ben a couple of times each year.  It wasn’t until I was in graduate school and writing my thesis on Sid Gillman, however, that I first spoke with him.  I figured that I should have the input of one of Gillman’s opponents in my thesis, and so I gave Ben a call after finding his listing in the phone book.  He invited me to his home, which happened to be just up the hill from me, and he gave me an excellent interview. read more