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Paul Lowe – the Chargers Best Offensive Back for 1960

Autographed 1960 Fleer Paul Lowe

#076 – Paul Lowe

After a failed attempt to make the final cut with the San Francisco 49ers out of college, Paul Lowe came to the Los Angeles Chargers after he was discovered working in the mail room of the Carte Blanche Credit Card Company, owned by Chargers owner, Barron Hilton.  Lowe recalled joining with the Chargers in a 2003 interview.

Mr. Frank Leahy was the general manager at that time and they were forming a football league.  So they found out that I was in the mailroom at the time.  That is where my job was.  They got in touch with me and asked me if I wanted to play professional football.  They were starting a league in L.A.  I told them, “Sure.”  So that’s how I really got started with the L.A. Chargers.  And then shortly after that Frank Leahy resigned and then Sid took over the organization.  And Sid remembered me from when I played for the 49ers because I made a couple of kick off returns and punt returns against the Rams, which had impressed him.  So they asked if I wanted to play and I said, “Yeah.”  I was invited to camp and all that, and that’s how I got started with the Chargers. read more