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Chiefs beat the Bears! Chiefs beat the Bears!

mike garrett sweeps around end


Al Reynolds (60), right guard, paved the way for ex-U.S.C. star.

After losing to Vince Lombardi and the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl I, the Kansas City Chiefs showed that they could indeed play against NFL talent when they defeated the Chicago Bears by a score of 66-24, in a 1967 preseason game.  At that time, the 66 points were the most ever run up on a Bears team in their 47 years of NFL play.  Chiefs tight end, Fred Arbanas, recently recalled the game.  “The game I remember the most was beating Chicago Bears 66 to 24 in an exhibition game after the Super Bowl loss to the Packers.  This game was REVENGE time, as if it was a mini Super Bowl.  All inter-league games were war on the gridiron.”  In these earliest AFL-NFL contests, pride in the AFL was as much of a contributing factor as anything else in the teams’ desire to defeat their NFL counterparts. read more

Speedy Duncan discusses his Opportunity in the AFL

autographed 1967 topps leslie duncan

#131 – Leslie Duncan

Leslie “Speedy” Duncan was one of the greatest kick returners that the game has ever known.  Duncan made his name with the San Diego Chargers of the American Football League.  Here he discusses how he made the most of the opportunities that he received in the AFL.

AFL – What benefits do you think, not monetarily, you got playing with the Chargers that you may not have gotten from playing with any other team in the AFL? read more

Former Kicker Booth Lusteg Passes Away

Former AFL kicker, Booth Lusteg has passed away after a long battle with cancer.  A full obituary can be found at HERE.  Rest in peace, Mr. Lusteg.

Chris Burford – School of the Legends page

autographed 1965 topps chris burford

#096 – Chris Burford

I am always interested in finding new AFL material online.  I check out You Tube for good AFL videos, Remember the AFL for general info, and other sites for whatever else I can find.  I was recently made aware of a site by former AFL star and a regular reader of Tales from the American Football League, Chris Burford.  Chris mentioned that he had posted the Dallas Texans 1960 team highlight video to his School of the Legends page, so I took a look. read more

Fun AFL Stories

autographed 1964 topps ray abruzzese

#022 – Ray Abruzzese

From Joe Namath, as printed in Going Long, by Jeff Miller – Howard [Cosell] and Dick Schaap and I were sitting in my living room.  Ray (roommate, Ray Abruzzese) was in the bedroom sleeping.  Ray came walking out in a T-shirt and these nylon shorts, wiping his eyes.  He looked up and saw Howard: “Oh Howard!”  In his Philadelphia accent.  “I thought you were on television!  I was just coming out to turn you off!”  Schaap and I died.  Howard sat there, just staring, his mouth agape.  After about 10 seconds, Howard started in on every Italian in the world. read more