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Let’s Enjoy the Weekend!

It’s a Friday morning before a three-day weekend.  Time for a little fun.  These commercials came out after the merger, but they are just too good to ignore.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

1968-70 Partridge Meats Cincinnati Bengals Cards

Bob Trumpy Partridge Meats cardI recently picked up this card of Cincinnati Bengals tight end, Bob Trumpy.  The card comes from a rather obscure set that was distributed in the Cincinnati area, by Partridge Meats.  The Beckett website had the following notes on this series:

This black and white (with a little bit of red trim) photo-like card set features players from all three Cincinnati major league sports teams of that time, Cincinnati Reds baseball (BB1-BB18), Cincinnati Bengals football (FB1-FB5), and Cincinnati Royals basketball (BK1-BK2). The cards measure approximately 4″ by 5″, although there are other sizes sometimes found which are attributable to other years of issue. The cards are blank backed. In addition to the cards listed below, a “Mr. Whopper” card was also issued in honor of an extremely large spokesperson. The Tom Rhoads football card was only recently verified, in 2012, adding to the prevailing thought that these cards were issued over a period of years since its format is slightly different than the other four more well-known football cards in the set. read more

Interesting AFL-Related Ebay Auctions

As a collector, I scour Ebay daily for AFL-related memorabilia for my collections.  My main interest is collecting signed cards, but I run multiple searches in an attempt to uncover all sorts of interesting things.  There are a handful of good pieces currently up for sale, some at good prices, and others too high.  Regardless of the price, good memorabilia is always worth the look.

1967 Boston Patriots Team Yearbook – Unlike NFL teams in recent years, most AFL teams did not produce yearbooks.  It is something of a shame.  In hindsight, year-by-year publications for each of the teams would have been a valuable research tool.  This Patriots yearbook will probably not be run up much higher than its nearly $40 opening bid, but this is a nice piece in the $40-$50 range. read more

Lance Alworth Hall of Fame Bust

lance alworth hall of fame bust

As most of you know, Lance Alworth is one of my favorite players from the AFL.  I began collecting Alworth-related memorabilia many years ago, and I have been fortunate to pick up some really unique items. Perhaps the coolest piece in my collection is a replica of Alworth’s Pro Football Hall of Fame bust.  A local eating establishment had long ago borrowed Alworth’s actual bust, and unbeknownst to Lance, had a mold made, and cast three plaster replicas.  I was able to purchase one of the replicas when the restaurant ownership changed hands.  The others went to Lance, along with the mold, to ensure that no more will be made. read more

Sid Gillman, Hank Stram and NFL Films

I am a big fan of NFL Films.  The footage that they shot in the 1960s has allowed younger fans, like myself, to get a real feel not only for AFL games, but also for the personalities that made the league a success.  This film follows my two favorite AFL coaches, Sid Gillman and Hank Stram.  These two men were not only innovators in the professional game, but also the longest-standing and most successful of AFL coaches.  It can be argued that these two coaches did as much as anyone to help ensure the AFL’s ultimate survival.  Enjoy! read more