Daily Archives: March 8, 2013

Are You An AFL Collector?

I have been a collector since the age of five.  I guess it is in my blood, a part of my DNA.  My father is an antiques dealer, and as a result I must have gone to ten thousand garage sales, swap meets, antiques shops and estate sales as a kid.  I typically looked for baseball cards while my dad looked for…  well, everything else.

I began collecting AFL memorabilia in 1997, when I started researching Sid Gillman for my master’s thesis.  It all started innocently-enough.  Just a handful of football cards to get signed by the former Chargers that I was interviewing as part of my project.  Alas, my genetic make-up being what it is, “a handful of football cards” kind of bothered me in it’s overall incompleteness, and so it became all of the Chargers cards from the 1960s  Then all of the Topps Chargers cards from 1970-current to add on to my 1960s run.  Throw in some game programs, a few vintage photos, a team football or two, and it was all over for me.  I was an AFL collector. read more