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Amendment to Today’s Interview with Lance Alworth

I received a telephone call today from Lance Alworth.  He called to tell me that he enjoyed reading today’s post, which was an interview that we had done some 15 years before, talking about his former head coach, Sid Gillman.  He also asked if we could better explain a line from the interview.  Here is what Lance had to say…

autographed 1964 topps george blair

#156 – George Blair

I read Todd’s post today with the interview that we did back in 1998.  Sid was truly an innovative coach. read more

Lance Alworth Discusses Sid Gilllman

lance alworth and sid gillmanWhen I was writing my master’s thesis on Sid Gillman back in 1998, I figured that there were three interviews that would be essential to my research.  The first, of course, was Sid himself.  Fortunately for me, Bob Hood, a former Chargers employee, introduced me to the Gillmans, and I was able to begin a relationship with them.  Next was John Hadl, Gillman’s quarterback for the majority of his time with the Chargers.  I was able to get a phone number for Hadl, who resides in Kansas, and conduct a nice telephone interview that I have previously posted on this blog.  The third critical interview was with Lance Alworth.  read more