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Lance Alworth’s Archive – 1965 AFL All-Star Jersey

Lance Alworth holding his jersey from the 1964 AFL All-Star Game.

Lance Alworth holding his jersey from the 1965 AFL All-Star Game.

I answered the phone one day last week and heard a familiar voice on the other end.  “Hey Todd, it’s Lance.  I was wondering if you could come up and meet me?  I found some stuff at the house that I would like you to see.”

It didn’t take me long to answer that question, and a few days later I found myself (and my three kids) sitting in Lance Alworth’s office.  Lance is a wonderful host, and once he told my kids where he kept the candy and to help themselves, we walked into the next room to look at his findings.  He had a few boxes piled up, and from a distance I could see a couple of jerseys. read more