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Booing Joe Namath at Shea in 1968 – My Only Regular Season AFL Game

Most of Dave Steidel’s articles are wonderful research-based pieces on AFL games, players or events.  This one is a bit different, as it is more of a personal recollections.  However, as with all of his pieces, this one is great!

It was August, 1968 and I was ready to begin my freshman year of college.  While scouring the baseball box scores one morning I noticed a small blurb in one of the bottom corners of the sports page.  A group from Mack Trucks (Allentown was the national manufacturing headquarters) had a few openings on a bus trip they were running to New York on October 5th to see the Jets host the San Diego Chargers.  I was on it like white on rice!  Three of my friends and I locked in to see our first AFL regular season game on that fall Saturday evening in Queens!  The bus was filled with Mack Teamsters who generally seemed more anxious to rip open some flip tops of Rheingold Extra Dry than they were to experience Joe and Jets taking on the lightning bolts, but for these four 17 year olds it was our virgin trip to the big city on our own, and we were going to make the most of it. read more