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1964 AFL Championship Game Summary – Bills vs. Chargers

Despite my fondness for the early Chargers, I feel that the 1964 championship game was one of the great ones in AFL history.  The game had a lot of great material – the seemingly unbeatable Chargers vs. the underdog Bills, great offense vs. great defense, a legendary tackle and upset victory.  Here is the officially-distributed summary of the game.  A couple notes of interest…

  • “The Tackle Heard “Round the World” was noted rather insignificantly on the first page.  “2-10 SD 34 Rote swing for Lincoln broken up by Stratton, Lincoln injured.”
  • Page 8 shows the amount of money that each player received for playing in the championship games in 1963 and 1964.  Each Bills player earned $2,668.60 for winning the 1964 AFL championship.  Would that even be enough for Ray Lewis to purchase a case of celebratory champagne after winning Super Bowl XLVII this past February 3rd?

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