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All-Time Best AFL Units

autographed 1967 topps larry eisenhauer

#009 – Larry Eisenhauer

Ok, this should be fun.  As many of you know already, our guest blogger, Dave Steidel, wrote one of the all-time great AFL books, Remember the AFL.  The book takes a look at each team on a year-by-year basis, is chock FULL of photos, and has nearly every bit of info that you may hope to find on “The Other League.”  One of my favorite sections in Remember the AFL is a series of lists and quizzes that Steidel put together.  They cover everything from best & worst uniforms, best & worst coaches, and all kinds of wonderfully-debatable stuff.  Dave has been kind enough to forward those lists to me, and allow them to be run on Tales from the American Football League. read more