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AFL Mt. Rushmore – Boston Patriots & Denver Broncos

first regular season afl game - broncos vs. patriotsThis past week we have been designing Mt. Rushmore-type monuments for the original eight AFL franchises. So far we have tackled the Buffalo Bills & Dallas Texans/Kansas City Chiefs, and the Los Angeles/San Diego Chargers & Houston Oilers.  All four franchises were at the top of the AFL food chain at points during the decade, and accordingly have had many individuals who could legitimately vie for space among the top four positions in respective AFL team histories.  Today is a bit of a different case, as neither the Boston Patriots nor the Denver Broncos ever wore AFL crowns, yet both franchises had members that were important not only to their teams, but to the AFL as a whole. read more

AFL Mt. Rushmore – Los Angeles/San Diego Chargers & Houston Oilers

1960 afl championship game programYesterday we put together our Mt. Rushmore monuments for the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs, two stories franchises of the old AFL.  There were a lot of great lists put together, and probably, a bit of frustration with the process because narrowing a list down to just four names can be next to impossible!

Let’s continue this process today with the San Diego Chargers and Houston Oilers.  Both franchises won were in contention for several AFL championships, and had their share of important figures.  Here are some names for you to think about while constructing your lists, and you are certainly welcome to add names that I have not provided.  Again, I ask only that the people on your lists were in some way involved with their teams during the 1960s.  As great as Earl Campbell was, he doesn’t belong on the Oilers AFL Mt. Rushmore. read more

Jets’ Jim Hudson and Texans’ Jim Barton Pass Away

The AFL has lost two former players in the past couple of days – Dallas Texans center, Jim Barton and New York Jets defensive back, Jim Hudson.

Jim Hudson, age 70, died on June 25, of Traumatic Dementia Encephalophathy.  An obituary can be found HERE.

A note about the passing of Jim Barton was sent to me by Tex Noel, Executive Director of the Intercollegiate Football Research Association.  He included the following information: read more

AFL Mt. Rushmore – Buffalo Bills & Kansas City Chiefs

buffalo bills and kansas city chiefsA post two days ago about the candidates for an Mt. Rushmore-type monument for the AFL generated some great discussion.  In the midst of the comments, former Dallas Texans and Kansas City Chiefs receiver, Chris Burford, noted that such an honor should be bestowed upon each team.  With so many players, coaches, owners and other important dignitaries associated with the AFL, it could prove a challenge to narrow down to four representatives for each team, let alone the entire league.  However, in the spirit of great discussion, that is what I would like to do.  Over the next four days, I will put forward two teams each day, along with a list of potential candidates for each.  I would like to see you the readers of Tales from the American Football League put together your own Mt. Rushmores.  I ask only that the people on your lists were in some way involved with their teams during the 1960s.  As great as Dan Fouts was, he doesn’t belong on the Chargers AFL Mt. Rushmore. read more

1965 Houston Oilers Team Issue Set

I was recently looking over the website a MSB Sportscards, a great company that specializes in vintage football memorabilia.  After a bit of perusing, I saw that they had a listing for what, in my mind, is the nicest team issued card set of the AFL era, the set produced by the 1965 Houston Oilers.  This 16-card set features beautiful color photos, adorned simply with a facsimile signature and white border, in a nearly 8″x10″ format. read more