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Collecting AFL Postcards

arrowhead stadium postcard

Arrowhead Stadium Tetricolor Card

A few weeks ago I posted about finding a couple of Kansas City Chiefs postcards from the 1960s.  I really liked the color images used in the Bert Coan and Len Dawson postcards, and have since done a bit of digging around to see what other AFL-related postcards were available in the 1960s.  I am pleased to say that I have found several cards, with a variety of subject matter.

First, in researching the Chiefs cards, I came across one more card that appears to be from the same series as Coan and Dawson.  This card features a scale model of Arrowhead Stadium.  I have still not found any information regarding exactly when the cards were issued, or what other players I may find, but I am hopeful that there are more. read more