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New York Titans Leon Burton

leon burton

Leon Burton get separated from the ball by the Los Angeles Chargers Charlie McNeil.

I’ve always been intrigued by professional athletes that have very short athletic careers.  There are a host of reasons that an athlete may have an extremely shorts career – injury, no opening at a position, etc. – but occasionally the reason is not overtly apparent.  Such is the case with the New York Titans Leon Burton.

I recently stumbled across the article below by Joe Healey, on the AZ Family website, and was impressed by Burton’s one-year AFL career, which was outlined in the final paragraph of the story.   After taking a bit closer look, I found that Burton had an excellent single season on the special teams, and today would have likely made millions as a “return specialist.”  In 1960, Leon Burton led the AFL in kick off returns (30) and yardage (862).  He finished second in the league in return average at 28.7.  Burton returned two kick offs for touchdowns, and also returned 12 punts for 93 yards.  But then he was gone.  read more