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Hope for Johnny Robinson?

We have all long-lamented the fact that Johnny Robinson is still not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  I have written an article about the situation that was posted tot he Kansas City Chiefs website (Why is Johnny Robinson not in the Hall of Fame?), and put together a Hall of Fame Comparison for good measure.  Sadly, my meager efforts have joined the throngs of others that appear to have fallen on deaf ears over the decades. read more

More Transcribed Interviews!!

At long last, I have added more interview transcriptions to the AFL INTERVIEWS.  My transcribed interviews with former Chargers, Bob Zeman, Bud Whitehead, Charlie Flowers, Chuck Allen, Dave Kocourek, Dickie Post and Dick Westmoreland, and posted in their entirety, and ready to be consumed by AFL fans.  I apologize for the delay, and promise that I will add more interviews again soon.  Have a great weekend, and enjoy the interviews!! read more

Lowe Gets Loose

paul lowe 1960-

10/2/1960 – Buffalo, N.Y. – Halfback Paul Lowe, #23, of the Los Angeles Chargers eludes potential tackler Joe Schaffer, #67, a Buffalo Bills linebacker.  #19 is Bob Laraba, the Los Angeles quarterback.  Half-time score at War Memorial Stadium is Los Angeles 7, Buffalo 3.  UPI TELEPHOTO

A couple of interesting notes about this photo…

Bob Laraba was a reserve quarterback and linebacker (odd combination), and did not have a completed pass in this game.  In fact, Bobby Clatterbuck, another Chargers reserve quarterback, played the remainder of the game and only had 70- passing yards.  The Chargers wont he game by a score of 24-10. read more

Top 10 Most Important AFL Cards

Sports Collectors Daily recently tasked me with coming up with the 10 Most Important AFL Cards.  I thought this would be a pretty easy task, and sat down to crank out my list.  However, the more I thought about it, the more challenging the task seemed to be.  After determining what I felt “most important” meant to me, I put my list together along with a brief summary of why I feel each card belongs.   Just to get your blood flowing and your brain working, I will tell you that this list includes the 1965 Topps Pete Gogolak and 1964 Topps Raiders team card.  To learn the rest, take a look at the link above!!! read more

Top 10 Linebacking Corps: #4 Hank Stram’s Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs get a lot of run around this site, and rightfully so.  With players like Len Dawson, Abner Haynes, Chris Burford, Ed Budde, Jim Tyrer, Mike Garrett, Fred Arbanas, Otis Taylor, and others, this team had an offense that could go toe-to-toe with anyone in either league, as they proved in Super Bowl IV, and several prior preseason games.

The Chiefs had sensational defenses as well, and in particular, a linebacking corps that has been ranked #4 in the history of the game by NFL Films.  Ranked in-and-around the Chiefs ‘backers are: read more