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AFL In Memoriam 2013

I reserve a late post each year for us all to remember those AFL personalities who passed away in the past year.  Sadly, we lost many great athletes and men in 2013.  Please take a moment to remember the following men, and if you have a story about one-or-more of them, please share it in the comments section below.

January 1 – Jack Davis – Guard – Boston Patriots – 1960

February 2 – Walt Sweeney – Guard – San Diego Chargers, Washington Redskins – 1963-1975 read more

Former Raider Clem Daniels’ impact goes well beyond football

I was struggling for an article to post last evening.  I had bounced around for a while on YouTube, and in frustration, began Googling names of AFL All-Time Team members.  I got through a few of them before typing in “Clem Daniels.”  Jackpot.

I have long known about Daniels’ exploits on the field; he is the AFL’s career rushing leader, All-Time Team member, and a back who deserves hall of fame consideration.  But I didn’t know much about Daniels as a person.  Fortunately, I found a great article by Monte Poole, called Former Raider Clem Daniels’ Impact Goes Well Beyond Football.   It is an informative piece that discusses what motivated Daniels to greatness, and how he has lived his life as a man who helped implement change and better conditions for African-Americans. read more

Joe Namath, David Letterman, and the truth behind the Namath rookie card!!!

Here is a fun interview that David Letterman did with Jets legend, Joe Namath.  And despite being a card collector since the age of five, I’ve never heard the story that Joe tells about his rookie card!  Have you?

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas, and thank you for being a part of Tales from the American Football League!

1969 San Diego Chargers Sing Holiday Halftime Record

Gene Foster, Lance Alworth, Jim Tolbert and Willie Frazier singing for the Holiday Halftime project.

Gene Foster, Lance Alworth, Jim Tolbert and Willie Frazier singing for the Holiday Halftime project.

In 1969, a small team of dedicated entrepreneurs set out on the daunting task of enticing NFL teams to make albums of Christmas music.  The team was apparently successful, as albums were ultimately produced, and they bear the blessing (logo) of the National Football Players (Association?).  Little is known about the project today, but a simple Google search will turn up several listings for albums on eBay, Amazon and others such sites. read more