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The Chargers Honor their 1963 Team

1963 san diego chargers team photo

1963 San Diego Chargers

This past weekend, the San Diego Chargers honored their 1963 championship squad by inducting the entire team into their Ring of Honor.  I was invited to attend the pre-game alumni lunch and the game, and while I couldn’t stay for the entire game (we were hosting my daughter’s sixth birthday party that afternoon), on Sunday morning my son and I went down to the stadium.

From 10:30-12:30, the Chargers hosted an outdoor lunch for alumni, their families, and a handful of friends.  I have attended this event several times, and it is always nice to see old teammates get together and hang out with each other, in some instances, for the first time in decades.  This day was no different, and it was especially great to see George Blair, Chuck Allen, Bud Whitehead, Earl Faison and Don Rogers, all of whom travelled long distances to be in attendance.  Their obvious enjoyment of being together and celebrating their accomplishments of five decades ago illustrated just how much their “Chargers days” still mean to these men. read more