Daily Archives: January 17, 2014

Bengals Jim “Diesel” Johnson Passes Away

The Charleston Post & Courier has reported that former Cincinnati Bengals defensive back, Jim “The Diesel” Johnson, has passed away.  An obituary can be found HERE.

What if there had been no Escape from Buffalo?

We all love to speculate what would have been in the AFL.  Here is a fun guest post by author and historian, Dave Steidel, wondering how the Raiders would have fared if Daryle Lamonica had never worn the silver & black.

The “what ifs” of the sports world are usually an exercise in speculation, and although there are theories a plenty, can never be proven beyond the articulation and long winded debates.  “What if the Yankees really did trade Joe DiMaggio to the Red Sox for Ted Williams?”  “What if Mickey Mantle had not stepped into that drain in Yankee Stadium during his rookie year?”  “What if Lance Alworth had not been traded from the Raiders to the Chargers?”  Even more paramount “What if the Bidwell’s did sell the Chicago Cardinals to Lamar Hunt, or the NFL expansion committee had allowed Hunt and Bud Adams a franchise when they could not purchase those Cardinals?”  On and on we could go with the “what ifs” of the sports might have beens.  But here’s one that I found that could have set off some interesting and speculative conversations that could have altered the fortunes of more than one AFL franchise and at least two college football powerhouses. read more