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New Photo Collection Coming to Tales…

Talk about serendipity.  I was recently contacted by the pest control worker of an older gentleman in San Diego.  He told that this man was an original member of the Chargers Backers, the Chargers first fan club, and that he was moving and getting rid of a lot of old photos and such.  The pest control worker, not wanting the photos to be lost, googled “Chargers Historian,” and came up with my name and Tales from the American Football League.  From there it was the matter of a few emails and phone calls before I met these gentlemen and was given several photo albums from the 1960s. read more

1960 Boston Patriots vs. Dallas Texans Radio Broadcast

I’ve always thought that baseball made for a better radio broadcast than football.  However, when you are talking about 50-year-old broadcasts, it’s all great.  I stumbled across this 17-minute radio clip on YouTube, and really enjoyed listening.  There is something special about closing your eyes and envisioning this game and the players involved.  Speaking of the players, several Tales from the American Football League subscribers are mentioned in just the first few minutes, including Chris Burford, Abner Haynes, Bill Krisher and Smokey Stover.  Enjoy! read more

Favorite AFL Images – The Fearsome Foursome

fearsome foursome

As much as I like Lance Alworth, I have typically enjoyed watching good defense more than good offense.  Just a personal preference of mine.  The 1961 San Diego Chargers had a smothering defense that was led by their line of Ron Nery (80), Ernie Ladd (77), Bill Hudson (79) and Earl Faison (86).  Linebacker, Chuck Allen, was also in the first season of his long career in ’61.  While quarterback sack totals were not kept then, the Chargers defensive front forced quarterbacks to throw 49 interceptions (in a 14-game season), a record that still stands.  This famed Chargers defense had a couple of nicknames – the line was called the Fearsome Foursome (prior to the Los Angeles Rams), and the backfield was dubbed the Seven Bandits. read more

1968 Cornflakes Champions Cards

Not a lot is known about this issue.  It is a 48-card set, and is believed to have been issued on the backs of boxes of Cornflakes cereal in 1968, perhaps only on a regional basis.  Of the 48 cards in the set, only 16 featured AFL players.  Additionally, the photos used on the cards are seemingly identical to the Sports Illustrated posters of a similar time period.

Broncos and Patriots have come long way since playing in first AFL game 53 years ago

With the Boston…  er, New England Patriots and Denver Broncos playing in the AFC championship game yesterday, it was an apt time to talk about the two clubs meeting in the very first regular season AFL game, which was played on September 9, 1960.  Hank Gola, of The New Your Daily News, put together a nice article on that historic game that ran in yesterday’s newspaper and on their website.  You can fine it HERE. read more