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Favorite AFL Images – Jim Lee Hunt

jim lee hunt

As I mentioned with the Fred Arbanas and Frank Buncom image last week, eBay has been a great source for quality, color AFL images lately.  I have picked up several, with this being one of my favorites.

Since first learning about him, I have had an interest Jim Lee “Earthquake” Hunt.  I am not exactly sure of the source of my interest; maybe it is that he had such a cool nickname – they say the ground rumbled when he rushed the quarterback.  Perhaps it is because he is one of just 20 men to play all 10 seasons of the AFL.  Or it could be that because he passed away so young (on November 22, 1975, at the age of 37), he is the least-known of the Patriots line that included Bob Dee, Larry Eisenhauer and Houston Antwine.  Regardless, Hunt is sadly overlooked by those outside of the Patriots fan base. read more

Bulletin Board Material?

american football league, buffalo bills

Occasionally you hear a coach demand of his players that they not give the opposition any “bulletin board material.”  Perhaps the most well-known example would be Weeb Ewbank’s frustration with Joe Namath’s famed guarantee of victory in Super Bowl III.

I have wondered at times if teams really had a “bulletin board,” and if so, do they truly post the an opposition’s inflammatory comments to the board to help focus their drive toward victory?  Is such a gimmick really necessary with professionals? read more

A Break, A Wrench And A March Of New Quarterbacks

Back before Bob Griese was leading the Miami Dolphins to an undefeated season, the AFL expansion team had its share of quarterback woes.  This old Sports Illustrated article talks about some of the trials and tribulations that the Dolphins had to endure before finding their premier signal caller.

1966 San Diego Chargers Preview

I find AFL team previews to be particularly enjoyable reading, especially now, some 50 years after the fact.  This Sports Illustrated preview of the 1966 San Diego Chargers is no different, and in fact, SI did a pretty good job of predicting the challenges that faced the Chargers that season.  The team was 5-2-1 after the first eight games, but then lost four of their last six games, and all to division rivals (Denver, Oakland and Kansas City) to finish 7-6-1 and in third place overall in the AFL Western Division. read more

Favorite AFL Images – Early Patriots Practice


It seems that I have been inundated with great AFL images lately, and I love it!  This is a new one to me, and though not from the same day, it reminds me of the 1960 Patriots practice film that I posted about back in September.  This one also shows just how low-key the AFL was back in the early years.  Can you imagine a kid getting this close to an NFL practice today?

That looks like Ed Songin at quarterback, and Jimmy Colclough beginning to run a pass route.  Gino Cappelletti is bending over to pick up his helmet.  In the background…  I think that I see Ron Hall in #23 sweats, and Ross O’Hanley wearing #42?  He wore #25 in games, but the numbers on practice gear often did not correspond to their game jerseys.  Any idea who is walking next to O’Hanley? read more