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Do the 1965 AFL All-Stars and 2014 LA Clippers Compare?

Much has been said in the media recently about Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Stirling, and the racist remarks that he made to his girlfriend.  It has been all over the news, and just yesterday, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, banned Sterling from the NBA for life, and fined him $2.5 million.

The Clippers donned their warm up uniforms inside-out in a pre-game warm-up recently, in protest of Sterling’s comments.  One sportswriter likened their situation to that of the 1965 AFL All-Stars who so bravely boycotted the All-Star Game in New Orleans because of the racial discrimination that they endured in that city.  Should the Clippers have staged a boycott? read more

Jack Klotz Entered Pennsylvanie HoF

Jack Klotz was a relatively large (for the time – 6’4″, and 260 lbs.) offensive tackle who played in the American Football League from 1960-1964.  During that time Klotz played for the New York Titans, San Diego Chargers (three games), New York Jets and ultimately, Houston Oilers.

In 2010, Jack Klotz was inducted into the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame.  His old team, the Jets, put out the following piece on their website. read more

Favorite AFL Images – August 6, 1960 – Paul Lowe

paul lowe

Most AFL fans know that the first-ever play in Chargers history, a preseason game against the New York Titans, Paul Lowe took the opening kickoff and returned it 105-yards for a touchdown.  It was the first play in an exciting career, for an exciting team.  The photo above shows Lowe making his magical run on that historic day.

Curtis McClinton

The Dallas Texans and Kansas City Chiefs had some great running backs in their AFL years – Abner Haynes, Mack Lee Hill, Mike Garrett…  But they also had Curtis McClinton, an excellent back in his own right, who seems to get overshadowed by the others.  Haynes was the first and fantastic.  Hill was on his way to stardom before dying unexpectedly on the operating table.  Garrett, a Heisman Trophy winner at USC, came into pro football with much excitement, and was a good producer for the Chiefs for several years. read more

John “Bull” Bramlett

I always find it interesting to learn what former football players have done with their post-football lives.  I’ve read amazing stories, humbling stories, and unfortunately, a number of sad stories as well.

Former linebacker, John “Bull” Bramlett is a good story.  Bramlett was something of a journeyman linebacker in the 1960s and early 1970s.  He had a penchant for rough play, fighting, and hard drinking, and reading his autobiography, Taming the Bull, one would expect Bramlett to have been one of the sad post-football stories.  A life shortened by drinking and fighting would not have been a surprise for the small-statured linebacker. read more