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Did You Know…

…  that former NBA coach, Pat Riley, has a tie to the American Football League?  His brother, Lee Riley, played defensive back for the New York Titans, and led the AFL with 11 interceptions in 1962.  The following link shows a page from William Ryczek’s fantastic book, Crash of the Titans, in which he discusses Riley.  If you have never read  Crash, do yourself a favor and find a copy.  It is a fantastic, in-depth look at perhaps the worst-managed, yet most colorful of AFL teams. read more

Van Miller to be Honored

The Buffalo Bills announced this week that the newest member of the Bills Wall of Fame will be longtime play-by-play radio man, Van Miller.  Miller became the voice of the Bills, calling his first game at War Memorial Stadium on July 30, 1960, and continued through his retirement in 2003 (he took a seven-year hiatus from 1971-1977).  Miller became as much a part of the Bills as Ralph Wilson, Jack Kemp and Jim Kelly. and now, at 86 years of age, he will be enshrined with the greatest to wear the Bills uniform.  Right where he deserves to be. read more

Aaron Brown Thought Carl Eller was the Best

Here is an interesting piece that I dug out of The Day, from New London, Connecticut, issued January 10, 1970.  Aaron Brown often gets overlooked on a Chiefs defense that had so many superstars.  But Brown was a force, himself.  Here, on the eve of Super Bowl IV, the Chiefs defensive end speaks glowingly of his old college linemate, Carl Eller, whom he would face the following day.

aaron brown


A couple of weeks back I posted an article that drew a connection between the recent Donald Stirling incident and the AFL All-Star boycott in 1965.  I still think that the comparison is a stretch, but anytime that the ’65 All-Stars can be recognized for their bravery is fine by me.

An article posted yesterday on The Mile High Report discusses current levels of perceived racism in professional sports, and talks a bit more about the New Orleans situation.  I used to be indifferent to the Redskins situation, and thought it was being blown out of proportion.  But then a friend’s simple question made me reverse my thinking.  “Would you walk up to a Native American and say, “Hi Redskin!”?”  Of course I would not.  Then why should the Washington football team continue to use the name?  History is a reason, I guess.  But just because we’ve done something one way forever doesn’t necessarily make it right. read more

Saccomano: I Remember When…

When the 2013 NFL season came to an end, so did the career of the Denver broncos Vice President of Corporate Communications, Jim Saccomano.  “Sacco,” as he is affectionately known, worked in the Broncos media relations world for 36 years, worked his way through 876 Broncos games, 27 Super Bowls and four books about the Broncos over his storied career.

Fortunately for fans, Jim Saccomano is still out and about, writing about football and his many memories.  The Denver Broncos website recently featured a piece called Saccomano: I Remember When…, in which the sports media legend recalls many great stories from the early Broncos years.  It is truly enjoyable stuff. read more