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Wilmer Fowler Remembers the 1960 Buffalo Bills

Video interviews of men who played in the inaugural AFL season are not easy to come by.  Many of the guys have passed on, others are have faded into the woodwork.  Most of what is available is focuses on the handful of men who eventually became superstars – Jack Kemp, Ron Mix, George Blanda, Jim Otto, etc.

The video above features Wilmer Fowler, who played running back for the Buffalo Bills for just 13 games in 1960 & 1961, rushing for 372 yards and one touchdown on 94 career attempts. read more

The Incredible Wahoo McDaniel

I have said it before, but one of the things that made the American Football League great was the interesting characters that would up in AFL uniforms.  Rattlesnake charmer, Dennit Morris; Ernie “The Giant Cat” Ladd; Cookie Gilchrist; Larry “Wildman” Eisenhauer, and the list goes on and on.

One of the greatest of AFL characters was the legendary Wahoo McDaniel, guard, linebacker, wrestler, and all-around interesting human being.  I stumbled upon an excellent piece about McDaniel by a writer named G. Neri.  The piece touches on Wahoo’s football career, but also talks about what made Wahoo become Wahoo. read more

Former Houston Oiler Dennit Morris Passes Away

Original Houston Oilers linebacker, Dennit Morris, passed away Monday, April 28.  He was 78 years old.  An obituary can be found HERE.

2nd Annual AFL All-Star Game Program

1963 afl all star program

I was looking through some of my files yesterday when I came across my copy of the game program from the AFL All-Star Game that was played on January 13, 1963.  I really like this piece, and thought that you might as well.

I purchased this program nearly 10 years ago in a large collection.  It came from the collection of a man who, as a boy, would attend AFL games at Balboa Stadium and get his gum cards and game programs autographed by the ballplayers.  This particular program has been signed by 20 players: Wayne Hawkins, Arch Matsos, Paul Lowe, Chuck Allen, Mel Branch, Tobin Rote, Cotton Davidson, Lance Alworth, Bud McFadin, Goose Gonsoulin, Ed Budde, Fred Williamson, Emil Karas, Duane Wood, Garland Boyette, Jack Kemp, Jim Otto, Ernie Ladd, Keith Lincoln and Dave Kocourek. read more

Art Baker – Wrestling Champ and Bills Fullback

Syracuse University produced a fantastic string of running backs who made great impact on professional football in the late 1950s and early 1960s.  Jim Brown, Ernie Davis, Jim Nance, Floyd Little and Larry Csonka all spent their collegiate years at the university in Upstate New York, carrying the ball for the Orangemen.

There was, in fact, another Syracuse back who spent time in professional football, though he is not as well-known as those above.  Art Baker was a 6’0″, 220-lb. fullback in 1961, when he was drafted out of SU by the Philadelphia Eagles of the NFL (1st Round) and Buffalo Bills of the AFL (3rd Round).  His career in the AFL was short, lasting just 17 games.  But for Art Baker, his name had been made in the sports world prior to his signing with the Bills.  Through high school and college, Art Baker had been a devastating wrestler, ultimately winning a national championship while at Syracuse. recalled Baker’s wrestling background in an article last year. read more