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George Fleming – Raiders Running Back & Washington Senator

Running back, George Fleming had a short career in the American Football League.  He played a single season for the Oakland Raiders before embarking upon a long career in Washington State politics.

I found the above video that covers Fleming’s career. George Fleming is the last living player from whom I need to acquire an autographed trading card for my sets.  If anyone has a connection to Mr. Fleming and could help out, it would be much appreciated!! read more

Gates Surpasses Alworth… Sort Of

I’ve always liked Antonio Gates.  He is a dominant player and plays through injury.  He stays out of trouble, and by all accounts, represents the San Diego Chargers very well.

This past week Gates broke Lance Alworth’s longstanding Chargers team record with 9,854 career receiving yards.  Impressive numbers and a great achievement for sure, but I must say that I balked a bit when I saw the headline on, Antonio Gates: Greatest Receiver in Chargers History. read more

1964 Kansas City Chiefs postcard

1964 kansas city chiefs postcard

When I paired down my collection of AFL memorabilia, I kept those things that gave me the most enjoyment.  Autographed trading cards were at the top of that list.  But falling in somewhere slightly below were AFL-related postcards.  While I don’t consider myself an expert when it comes to this branch of collectable, I have learned a bit in my years of collecting.  Stadium views are by far the most common theme found in AFL postcards, with individual player and team photo cards being much more difficult to find. read more

Ralph Wilson Negotiates Old Rockpile Lease

Ralph Wilson Jr. (Owner)

Ralph Wilson Jr. (Owner)

It was 55 years ago yesterday that Ralph Wilson, owner of the Buffalo Bills, first met with Buffalo-area politicians to negotiate a lease for his team to play in The Old Rockpile.  A short story on this subject was posted yesterday in The Buffalo News, and can be found HERE.

A Visit with Jerry Magee

1964 topps chargers team - jerry magee

This week I had an opportunity to meet with one of the AFL’s great supporters, former San Diego Union beat reporter, Jerry Magee.  An excellent writer who covered boxing, tennis and minor league baseball, began covering the Chargers when the team moved to San Diego in 1961, and kept the beat for more than 30 years.

During his tenure, Jerry Magee became one of the AFL’s most vocal supporters, not only as a writer, but later as a Pro Football Hall of Fame voter and member of the PFHOF Veteran’s Committee.  Magee is now retired, but still follows football actively, from his office decorated with books and photos gathered throughout his career. read more