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AFL In Memoriam 2014

I reserve a late post each year for us all to remember those AFL personalities who passed away in the past year.  Sadly, we lost many great athletes and men in 2014.  Please take a moment to remember the following men, and if you have a story about one-or-more of them, please share it in the comments section below.

January 10 – Jim Johnson – Defensive Back – Cincinnati Bengals – 1969 read more

Dave Behrman Passes Away

Buffalo Bills and Denver Broncos center, Dave Behrman, passed away this week at the age of 73.  A full obituary can be found below:

Former MSU All-American Dave Behrman dies at 73

Former AFL Charger & Titan Charlie Flowers Dies

Charlie Flowers, a former Los Angeles Chargers and New York Titans running back died Sunday night, at the age of 77.  An obituary can be found below.


Reposting – Anatomy of an Autographed Game Program

Last week I posted an article about a great autographed game program that I recently purchased.  Since then, I have realized that there have been some malfunctions in my email distribution system, so I am reposting for those that may have missed it the first time around!

Since unloading the majority of my collection this past summer, I have been very hesitant to jump back into collecting.  I have picked up a few signed AFL cards, my old standby, but I haven’t purchased any memorabilia.  I suspect the main reason is that I once had such a large collection that it is an odd feeling to start almost completely over.  Still, I love the old AFL, and routinely look around for items that I would enjoy. read more

Collecting AFL Game Programs

I occasionally write sports memorabilia articles for a great website called Sports Collectors Daily.  SCD recently published a piece that I did about collecting game programs from the American Football  League.  There is some great info in the piece about what I consider to be a somewhat underappreciated area of collecting.

AFL Programs Offer Rich History