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Dick Westmoreland Visits School Children

Dick Westmoreland addresses an auditorium full of children.

Dick Westmoreland addresses an auditorium full of children.

This month marks the 50th anniversary of the boycott of the 1965 AFL All-Star Game in New Orleans.  Several articles were written about the event, and while I did not see any of the boycotters interviewed, it was heartening to know that their efforts were not forgotten.

autographed 1965 topps dick westmoreland

#174 – Dick Westmoreland

One of the men who participated in that boycott is former Chargers and Dolphins defensive back, Dick Westmoreland.  “West,” as his friends call him, lives in San Diego, and still looks like he could run onto the grass and give Hell to modern receivers.  But regardless of how good he looks, West is a link to times past, to an important part of our history. read more

1964 Boston Patriots Broadside


I came across this broadside recently and picked it up.  I haven’t yet been able to find any details about the game, but I’ve only just started digging.  Any of our Boston-area readers remember this game?  Any former Patriots care to chime in?

It was Pandemonium

keith lincoln & mike stratton

The Hit Heard ‘Round the World

This has been a fun decade, as seemingly everyday during the season we are coming up on a 50th anniversary of something to do with the AFL.  This year I have seen remembrances of the All-Star Game Boycott, Joe Namath signing his rookie contract, and others.  For Bills fans, December 26th marked not only the anniversary of Buffalo’s first AFL championship, but also of “The Hit Heard “Round the World.” read more

50 Years Ago Today…

larry garron and houston antwine leave new orleans

JANUARY 11, 1965 – NEW ORLEANS – American Football League players Houston Antwine (L), and Larry Garron (R), of the Boston Patriots leave their hotel 1/11 after the AFL All-Star Game was cancelled because of charges of racial discrimination by 20 Negro players. The game scheduled for 1/16 has been moved to Houston.

…One of the greatest, yet most unknown protest in professional sports took place.  On January 11, 1965, 21 African-American football players from the American Football League walked out of the City of New Orleans, refusing to take place in the all-star game because of the discrimination that they had faced.  Led by Cookie Gilchrist and Art Powell, these men stood up for their beliefs, and in doing so made a statement that helped bring about integration in the South. read more

The Los Angeles Chargers

There was a lot of talk in December about the San Diego Chargers possibly moving to Los Angeles for the 2015 season.  As to be expected, several references were made to the 1960 Chargers, who in fact did play their home games in Los Angeles.

The Mile High Report took a look back at that 1960 season, and why the Chargers moved to San Diego.