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Early Denver Broncos Socks

The early Denver Broncos take a lot of heat for their ugly uniforms, and rightfully so.  The Broncos were one of the least financially-sound teams of the early AFL.  Penny-pinching general manager Dean Griffing bought the uniforms second-hand, from an all-star game that had cast them away.

I’ve heard that when Jack Faulkner took over for Frank Filchock as Broncos head coach in 1962, he organized a bonfire and torched the old uniforms, ushering out the old era, and bringing in the new.  At least one pair of the old socks resides in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  I’d head rumor that Lou Saban had kept a pair back for himself as well. read more

Looking at Lamar Hunt: Color Blind

Lamar Hunt (Owner)

Lamar Hunt (Owner)

One of the central themes of American Football League history is the AFL’s whole-hearted inclusion of minority athletes.  AFL teams went into the historically black colleges and drafted immense amounts of talent – Ernie Ladd, Buck Buchanan, Otis Taylor and Willie Brown – just to name a few.  In the following article, Chiefs historian Bob Moore talks about Lamar Hunt and his staff’s ideas and actions with black players.  The Chiefs were one AFL team, along with the Chargers and Raiders in particular, who attempted to win with the best players they could find, not just the best white players. read more

1964 Boston Patriots Preview

1964 Pats

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Two days ago we watched the 2014 New England Patriots become champions of the National Football League.  Take a look at how their predecessors were depicted 50 years prior, in the 1964 Boston Patriots team yearbook.

These Patriots finished the season with a 10-3-1 record, falling just 1.5 games out of first place in the AFL Eastern Division.  As we all know, the Bills won the eastern title that season, and the first of two consecutive AFL championships! read more