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My AFL Magnum Opus

For the past three years I have been writing Tales from the American Football League.  Together, readers and I have enjoyed more than 700 AFL posts, and argued the league’s greatest teams, players, uniforms and trading cards.

I built this website because of my desire to edutain (educate + entertain) readers with stories of my favorite professional sports league, but also so that I could share the many autographed AFL cards that I had collected over the years. read more

1966 Broncos vs. Oilers Series, Part II

Last week I linked to an article on the Denver Broncos website that detailed the first game of the Broncos vs. Oilers series in 1966.  If you recall, the Oilers crushed the Broncos by a score of 45-7.  Broncos historian, Jim Saccomano, has recently published part two of that series, a game played just three weeks later, which didn’t end the same way as the first!

1966 Broncos vs. Oilers, Game 2 read more

Boston Patriots History, 1960-1964

pats page

One of the great and overlooked sources of AFL information are the yearbooks that the teams produced back in the 1960s.  This particular essay comes from the 1964 Patriots yearbook, and gives a good, succinct history of the team from inception through the beginning of the 1964 season.

Please click on the image to enlarge it to a readable size.  Then enjoy!

What is your Favorite AFL Trading Card Set?

One of the great things about the AFL is the fantastic trading card sets that were issued to recognize the league.  From the simple 1961 Topps set to the slightly-psychedelic 1967s and classic tall boy 1965s, there was a little something for everyone in the decade.  And not to mention the many fantastic rookie cards that came about in these sets.  Joe Namath, Len Dawson, Lance Alworth, Cookie Gilchrist, Ben Davidson, Don Maynard, Wahoo McDaniel…  The list goes on and on. read more

Interview with Speedy Duncan

Leslie "Speedy" Duncan

Leslie “Speedy” Duncan

I had an opportunity this week to sit down with a legend of the San Diego Chargers and the American Football League.  In addition to having one of the truly great football names in the AFL, Leslie “Speedy” Duncan was a defensive back and potent special teams weapon for Sid Gillman’s San Diego Chargers.  Like a 1960s Devin Hester, Duncan made his name in professional football as a lethal punt and kick returner. read more