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Talk of Fame Radio Network talks AFL


Last week I was contacted by the Talk of Fame Sports Network, and asked to be part of a radio show about the American Football League.  This show is hosted by Ron Borges, Clarke Judge, and Rick Gosselin; three selectors for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, two-of-which sit on the senior committee.  Gino Cappelletti and Lance Alworth were also guests for different segments of the show.

In speaking with the hosts prior to the show, I was pleased to learn that all three feel that the AFL has been given short-shrift in the voting process, and that they would like to see that changed. read more

George Blanda, a Charger?

The race was on in early 1960, to obtain talent for the newly-formed AFL teams.  Securing a veteran quarterback with leadership experience would, of course, have been a primary goal for all teams.  At the time, former Chicago Bears QB, George Blanda, was “retired” from football.  This did not concern Los Angeles Chargers coach, Sid Gillman, who wrote up the following review of Blanda early in 1960. read more

A Letter, A Card and Cosmic Connections

This summer has been busy for me, and I’m sorry to say that it had a direct effect on my AFL postings.  Youth lacrosse, freshman football, and much more have had my head swimming.  But I’m here today, with a fun, feel-good AFL collecting story that occurred over the course of my summer.

I’ve been collecting sports cards for 37 years now, since getting an unopened box of 1978 Topps baseball cards as a gift from my father at the age of five. Since then I’ve been fortunate to have several interesting card-based experiences in my life, though perhaps none have been as unexpected as a situation leading up to my obtaining an autographed copy of Frank Buncom’s 1967 Topps football card. read more