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John Huarte – The Jets Other 1965 Bonus Baby

It is often overlooked that the New York Jets drafted two quarterbacks in 1965.  Everyone knows the story of Joe Namath and the $427,000 contract.  However, with their 12th-round selection, the Jets also picked up Notre Dame star and Heisman Trophy winner, John Huarte.

Huarte battled Namath for the starting spot, but fell to third string behind Namath and Mike Taliaferro.  He was traded to the Boston Patriots in 1966.  The following page comes from the Pats 1967 team yearbook. read more

The Oakland Raiders Biletnikoff and Wells

I’ve always liked old team yearbooks for the photos and tons of information jammed into their pages.  The image below comes from a page in the 1968 Oakland Raiders yearbook, which I was reading through this evening.  Knowing full-well that the Raiders won the AFL championship in 1967, and that they had a strong vertical passing attack, it comes as no surprise that Fred Biletnikoff and Warren Wells would put up big numbers, but wow!  Take a look… read more

New AFL Library List!!

Thanks to the recent increase in popularity of the American Football League, a number of books have been written about subjects with varying degrees of AFL connection.  New league and team histories, biographies, and specialized subject works are now published on an annual basis.

I have recently compiled a list of titles with AFL connections.  I have tried to keep the list limited to books that have strong AFL connections, and don’t simply contain a line or two, here or there.  The list is broken up into four sections, League Histories, Team Histories, Special Subjects, and Biographies/Autobiographies. read more

Winston Hill Deserves to be in Canton

Winston Hill may be the most underrated of the great AFL tackles.  When considering the top tackles in the league, Ron Mix, Jim Tyrer, Stew Barber and a few others come to mind.  Hill ranks right up there with the best of them, yet somehow never seems to receive the respect that he deserves.

Hill is an All-Time AFL Second Team member, and was selected to eight AFL All-Star and NFL Pro Bowl games.  He was a dominant player both before and after the merger, yet like so many other AFL stars, he still has no spot in Canton. read more