1962 AFL All-Star Game Rosters

January 7, 1962 – Balboa Stadium

Eastern Division Squad – White Jersey, Blue Trim

12 Al Dorow New York Quarterback
16 George Blanda Houston Quarterback
20 Billy Cannon Houston Halfback
21 Bill Atkins Buffalo Defensive Back
23 Dick Felt New York Defensive Back
31 Bill Mathis New York Defensive Back
33 Fred Bruney Boston Defensive Back
40 Larry Garron Boston Halfback
41 Tony Banfield Houston Defensive Back
43 Mark Johnston Houston Defensive Back
44 Charley Tolar Houston Fullback
50 Dennit Morris Houston Linebacker
52 Bob Schmidt Houston Center
53 Tom Addison Boston Linebacker
54 Bob Dee Boston Defensive End
56 Archie Matsos Buffalo Linebacker
63 Charles Long Boston Tackle
67 Bob Mischak New York Guard
70 Al Jamison Houston Tackle
73 Charles McMurtry Buffalo Defensive Tackle
74 Harold Olson Buffalo Tackle
75 Ken Rice Buffalo Tackle
76 Don Floyd Houston Defensive End
79 Jim Hunt Boston Defensive Tackle
82 Ed Husmann Houston Defensive Tackle
83 Gino Cappelletti Boston End
86 LaVerne Torczon Buffalo Defensive End
87 Charlie Hennigan Houston End
89 Bob McLeod Houston End

Western Division Squad – Red Jersey, White Trim

00 Jim Otto Oakland Center
15 Jack Kemp San Diego Quarterback
19 Cotton Davidson Dallas Quarterback
21 David Webster Dallas Defensive Back
23 Chris Burford Dallas End
24 Fred Williamson Oakland Defensive Back
26 Austin Gonsoulin Denver Defensive Back
27 Charlie McNeil San Diego Defensive Back
28 Abner Haynes Dallas Halfback
34 Don Stone Denver Halfback
36 Dick Harris San Diego Defensive Back
37 Alan Miller Oakland Fullback
39 George Blair San Diego Defensive Back
55 E.J. Holub Dallas Linebacker
56 Emil Karas San Diego Linebacker
60 Ken Adamson Denver Guard
64 Bud McFadin Denver Defensive Tackle
65 Jon Gilliam Dallas Linebacker
66 Bill Krisher Dallas Guard
69 Sherrill Headrick Dallas Linebacker
72 Paul Rochester Dallas Defensive Tackle
74 Ron Mix San Diego Tackle
75 Ernie Wright San Diego Tackle
77 Bill Hudson San Diego Defensive Tackle
80 Mel Branch Dallas Defensive End
83 Dave Kocourek San Diego End
86 Earl Faison San Diego Defensive End
87 Lionel Taylor Denver End
88 Don Norton San Diego End
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