1967 AFL All-Star Game Rosters

January 21, 1967 – Oakland Coliseum

Eastern Division Squad – White Jersey, Blue Trim

15 Jack Kemp Buffalo Quarterback
16 Babe Parilli Boston Quarterback
20 Gino Cappelletti Boston End
21 Bobby Burnett Buffalo Running Back
26 George Saimes Buffalo Defensive Back
28 Charley Frazier Houston End
32 Emerson Boozer New York Running Back
33 W.K. Hicks Houston Defensive Back
34 Chuck Shonta Boston Defensive Back
35 Wray Carlton Buffalo Fullback
41 Matt Snell New York Running Back
42 Butch Byrd Buffalo Defensive Back
43 Jimmy Warren Miami Defensive Back
45 Willie West Miami Defensive Back
51 John Tracey Buffalo Linebacker
53 Tom Erlandson Miami Linebacker
56 Jon Morris Boston Center
58 Mike Stratton Buffalo Linebacker
60 Larry Grantham New York Linebacker
61 Bob Talamini Houston Guard
64 Len St. Jean Boston Guard
65 Houston Antwine Boston Defensive Tackle
66 Billy Shaw Buffalo Guard
70 Jim Hunt Boston Defensive Tackle
72 Larry Eisenhauer Boston Defensive End
75 Tom Neville Boston Tackle
77 Stew Barber Buffalo Tackle
78 Jim Dunaway Buffalo Defensive Tackle
79 Sherman Plunkett New York Tackle
80 Ed Cooke Miami Defensive End
82 Paul Costa Buffalo End
83 George Sauer New York End
85 Nick Buoniconti Boston Linebacker
86 Verlon Biggs New York Defensive End

Western Division Squad – Red Jersey, White Trim

00 Jim Otto Oakland Center
15 Tom Flores Oakland Quarterback
16 Len Dawson Kansas City Quarterback
19 Lance Alworth San Diego End
21 Mike Garrett Kansas City Running Back
32 Curtis McClinton Kansas City Running Back
33 Goose Gonsoulin Denver Defensive Back
35 Hewritt Dixon Oakland Running Back
36 Clem Daniels Oakland Running Back
42 Johnny Robinson Kansas City Defensive Back
43 Leslie Duncan San Diego Defensive Back
44 Dick Van Raaphorst San Diego Kicker
45 Dave Grayson Oakland Defensive Back
47 Kent McCloughan Oakland Defensive Back
50 Dan Conners Oakland Linebacker
54 John Bramlett Denver Linebacker
55 E.J. Holub Kansas City Linebacker
63 Walt Sweeney San Diego Guard
64 Jerry Sturm Denver Center
65 Wayne Hawkins Oakland Guard
66 Sherrill Headrick Kansas City Linebacker
70 Ron Mix San Diego Tackle
71 Ed Budde Kansas City Guard
74 Tom Keating Oakland Defensive Tackle
75 Jerry Mays Kansas City Defensive End
76 Jim Tyrer Kansas City Tackle
77 Isaac Lassiter Oakland Defensive End
78 Bobby Bell Kansas City Linebacker
80 Jacque MacKinnon San Diego End
82 Bob Scarpitto Denver End
83 Ben Davidson Oakland Defensive End
84 Art Powell Oakland End
86 Buck Buchanan Kansas City Defensive Tackle
89 Otis Taylor Kansas City End
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