KGTV Interview on Chargers Possible Move

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As most everyone has heard by now, the Chargers have been granted the NFL’s blessing to follow the Rams back to Los Angeles.  Whether they follow through with that move is up in the air due to Chargers owner Dean Spanos not being granted the opportunity that he had hoped for in Carson.  Either way, the possibility of the Chargers leaving San Diego, their home for the last 55 years, has had a profound affect on fans of the team.

I was recently interviewed regarding my thoughts on the Chargers possible move, and what it would mean to Chargers fans.

Todd Tobias (789 Posts)

Todd Tobias's interest in the American Football League began in 1998, when he wrote my master's thesis about Sid Gillman. He created this site to educate and entertain football fans with the stories of the American Football League, 1960-1969. You can follow Todd and get more AFL history on Twitter @TalesfromtheAFL.

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5 Responses to KGTV Interview on Chargers Possible Move

  1. jetsfan10347 says:

    I heard the Raiders may replace the Chargers in San Diego. It would be asinine to let the Chargers move and then build a new stadium for the Raiders. The Chargers belong in San Diego and the Raiders belong in Oakland. Remember the AFL for ever!

  2. alavalonaaa says:

    If Raiders want to move to San Diego if Chargers do leave, I will only support new team if a franchise swap occurs. There is too much history and rivalry since 1960 for me to root for Raiders after despising them for 56 years. Lot of good memories of the 60’s.Dean Spanos and his greedy clan should be called Raiders for being traitors to the San Diego fans and season ticket holders.This musical chairs with the franchises is appalling. Greed rules all those owners. Any way they can get a bigger cut of the pie so be it.Keep up the good work Todd.We may be a small voice,but this is America, the right of free speech is ours to share.To hell with all the owners.Last franchise swap was 1972 Colts and Rams. Irsay and Rosenbloom.

  3. Eddie Arminio says:

    Great interview Todd, spoken from the heart.I agree, the Chargers belong in San Diego, they are a big part of this great city.I don’t know all the particulars, but I’m sure Dean Spanos wants public money to help him out. NFL owners are beautiful, they have the cash cow and the golden goose and they always want more.I’m from Boston,and I realize that the whole country hates the Patriots, but my hat goes off to the Kraft family.They built Gillette Stadium with no public money, and they don’t have that rip off personal seat license fee.Granted everything there is expensive, but that is your choice.To quote Tony Soprano,the NFL owners in my mind, are like the woman walking down the street with a 20 pound ham in her arms and she is complaining she has no bread.Hoping the Bolts stay in San Diego,they belong there.

  4. 0tt060-74 says:

    The Raiders moving to San Diego ? Unthinkable !

  5. afl says:

    Have you heard the one about the billionaire cable company (Time Warner) waiting for other providers (billionaires Directv et al) to blink (pay through the nose in order carry their programming), and in the process rendering its (twisting in the wind) unwashed masses i.e. subscribers to submit to (for a third consecutive season) a form emotional extortion that, in the process, renders the vast majority local fandom (Dodgers) ability watch what is now reportedly the final season in the career it’s renowned (and retiring post 2016) announcer (Vin Scully) impossible yet again?

    Welcome to the bottom line 2016, formerly known world of sports. Compare & contrast the AFL decade 1960’s with the present day business model, pro football. Then, greed took an back seat survival, whereas today, ‘have your cake and eat it too’ appears have replaced earlier era’s relative pauperism, everybody getting fatter (save fandom’s wallet/return on their investment.)

    Despite problem$ yesteryear, was no mass exodus teams to other cities, no hostage-taking. Los Angeles to San Diego and Dallas to Kansas City both transpired within the first three years league’s birth, then no more. Wasn’t because everything was hunky dory: other teams considered possibilities elsewhere according to rumors of the day (Kansas City to Anaheim, Denver to Birmingham among them.) Team names changed (Texans became Chiefs, Titans became Jets) while one played musical venues even within their own backyard (the Boston Patriots played on so many different ‘home’ turfs they could’ve considered changing their name to ‘Vagabonds’.) Still, the AFL teams persevered & by virtue said slew or at least made cry uncle the Goliath named NFL, gain a permanent foothold if not immediate total equality… those days and the problems inherent seem so much more innocent than today’s.

    Still recall a brand spanking new Oakland Alameda Stadium 1966 and San Diego Stadium same 1967. Now, both apparently considered passe, moreso (to be blunt) unsalvageable ‘toilets’. Today, greed (owners & players) has taken the luster off what once was a football Camelot, at least in the eyes ones paid for the pleasure partake: fans. Why some teams (KC and GB) can freshen up/retrofit their abodes, while others (SD and OAK) cannot/will not, curiou$.

    Yet others (STL) pledge a$$i$tance help build a new $1 billion stadium but lose their team in the end to the jingle-jangle a $3 billion stadium in another state, their ‘billionaire’ owner making haste, leaving his team’s former city/fans in the lurch while imagining more fan$ Inglewood, Los Angeles or is it Carson, California – who can keep all of em straight anymore; said speaks to the handwriting being on the wall.

    Alas, change is inevitable: great empires and dynasties, Rome & NFL. The latter’s 100th anniversary drawing closer, the ambiance we once knew continues to vanish, in its place speeding undeterred toward an inevitable demise same modern day merchant/money changers.


    Go Broncos!

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