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Sid Gillman and I during our first meeting and interview in 1998.

 Al Davis – February 13, 2004

Ben Agajanian – December 7, 2002

Ben Davidson – October 31, 1998

Ben Davidson – April 25, 2012

Bill Hudson – May 22, 2003

Bill Kimber – December 3, 2002

Bob Hood (Chargers Ball Boy) – January 16, 1999

Bob Jackson – November 22, 2002

Bob Mitinger – August 28, 2000

Bob Petrich – October 15, 1999

Bob Reifsnyder – November 18, 2002

Bob Zeman – August 21, 2003

Bud Whitehead – August 28, 2000

Charlie Flowers – November 22, 2002

Chuck Allen – August 28, 2000

Dave Kocourek – August 28, 2000

Dick Harris – July 24, 2003

Dickie Post – February 17, 2004

Dick Westmoreland – November 23, 1998

Dick Westmoreland – November 22, 1999

Don Rogers – November 23, 1998

Don Rogers – January 5, 2000

Earl Faison – October 9, 1998

Earl Faison – December 23, 1999

Ernie Ladd – October 9, 2002

Ernie Park – January 5, 2004

Ernie Wright – November 13, 1998

Ernie Wright – January 13, 2003

Fred Cole – March 13, 2003

Gary Garrison – August 28, 2000

George Blair – August 20, 2000

George Gross – October 30, 1998

Gerry McDougall – January 10, 2003

Hank Schmidt – June 28, 2003

Harold Akin – December 9, 2002

Herb Travenio – October 16, 1999

Howard Clark – August 19, 2003

J.W. Slack – November 22, 2002

Jeff Staggs – October 28, 1999

Jerry Magee – January 7, 1999

Jerry Magee – June 8, 2003

Jim Allison – November 10, 1998

Jim Allison – October 13, 1999

John Hadl – February 2, 1999

John Hadl – June 16, 2003

Keith Kinderman – December 15, 2003

Keith Lincoln – December 9, 1998

Keith Lincoln – November 9, 1999

Lance Alworth – November 30, 1998

Sid & Esther Gillman – June 25, 2001


Todd Tobias (790 Posts)

Todd Tobias's interest in the American Football League began in 1998, when he wrote my master's thesis about Sid Gillman. He created this site to educate and entertain football fans with the stories of the American Football League, 1960-1969. You can follow Todd and get more AFL history on Twitter @TalesfromtheAFL.

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  2. chris burford says:

    look forward to them todd. Nice to see the archive and easy to find! chris

  3. Brad Anderson says:

    Hay Todd,
    Thank you for this, I look forward to reading all of the interviews. I do have a suggestion; at the top of each interview add the position they played, for which teams and the years they played. To my great dismay I did not get interested in football until after the merger and I’m sorry to say I don’t know who some of these guys are.

  4. Steve Calloway says:

    I was a schoolmate and friend of Mr. Gillman’s son Tom…had a crush on Tom’s sister Terri…we were neighbors and typical early teen kids.
    Although, I don’t imagine that many kids can brag that they got to watch NFL game films in the Gillman’s garage for hours…thanks to Tom.
    I will never forget Mr. Gillman bringing home an official NFL football for the guys in the neighborhood for our street football games!
    Mrs. Gillman was as sweet as could be…she was never too busy to share her time with me and any of Tom’s friends when we were in their home.
    All of this took place when Mr. Gillman was the Ram’s head coach and we lived in Sherman Oaks…oh, what great memories…too many to mention in this writing.
    Great coach, great father and husband.
    My best!

  5. Dave Glick says:

    My brother and I must have ruined 15 autographed game balls of my Dad’s( Freddy Glick) for street football. He never said a thing but we feel like real a**holes now. I wish I could say we didn’t know any better. Thought I would share this after reading the above post. Dave Glick

    • Jim McKinley says:

      Hi Dave — When I saw your last name it caught my eye. I saw your Dad play many times. He and Bobby Jancik came to my high school (Westbury) in Houston one day and participated in Christian Student Union. They gave a talk about how to do things in life to be a better person. After the talk, I went up and talked to him for a bit. He seemed like a great guy. Thanks for bringing back the memories.

      • Tom Fischer says:

        These interviews are great. Good job, Todd. These players are getting older—aren’t we all—so getting available players to speak is important. Len Dawson, Joe Namath, Don Maynard and Bake Turner would be fun to hear from.

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