1961 Team Photos


1961 boston patriots

FIRST ROW – Clyde Washington, Chuck Shonta, Tom Stephens, Ron Burton, Bob Dee, Mike Holovak, Tony Sardisco, Gino Cappelletti, Fred Bruney, Dick Klein, Tom Yewcic
SECOND ROW – Bill Bates, Charley Leo, Walt Cudzik, Jimmy Hunt, Babe Parilli, Gerry DeLucca, Houston Antwine, Jim Colclough, Rommie Loudd, Bily Lott, LeRoy Moore, Ralph DelleRusso
THIRD ROW – Walter Beach, Jack Rudolph, Bob Yates, Larry Esenhauer, Harry Jacovbs, Charley Long, Frank Robotti, Jim Crawford, Ron Hall, Milt Gaham, Tommy Addison


1961 houston oilers

FIRST ROW – George Greene, Bob Kelly, Bob Schmidt, Hogan Wharton, Bob McLeod, Bill Groman, Charlie Hennigan, Rich Michel, Charlie Tolar, Willard Dewveall, John White
SECOND ROW – Mark Johnston, Mike Dukes, Julian Spence, Dennit Morris, Bob Talamini, Ron Botchan, Jack Lee, Dick Frey, Claude King, Fred Glick, Doug Cline, Jim Norton, Bobby Brown
THIRD ROW – John W. Breen, Bud Adams, Do W. Suman, Dave Smith, Tony Banfield, Orville Trask, Ed Husmann, Al Jamison, Billy Cannon, Dalva Allen, George Shirkey, Jack Laraway, Don Floyd, George Blanda, Joe Spencer, Walt Schlinkman, Wally Lemm


1961 san diego chargers

FIRST ROW – Kearney Reeb, Earl Faison, Claude Gibson, Howard Clark, Dave Kocourek, Bob Laraba, Ernie Barnes, Sam DeLuca, Ron Nery, Orlando Ferrante, Tom Denman, Jack Faulkner
SECOND ROW – Joe Madro, Al Davis, Ernie Ladd, Jacque MacKinnon, Maury Schleicher, Ron Mix, Bill Hudson, Jack Kemp, Paul Maguire, Bob Zeman, Ernie Wright, Don Norton, Sid Gillman
THIRD ROW – Emil Karas, Chuck Allen, Bob Scarpitto, Bud Whitehead, Hunter Enis, Luther Hayes, Don Rogers, Hank Schmidt, Gene Selawski, Chuck Noll
FOURTH ROW – Charlie Flowers, Paul Lowe, Bo Roberson, George Blair, Charlie McNeil, Dick Harris, Sherman Plunkett, Keith Lincoln











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  1. Virgil Baldon, Jr. says:

    Just noticing how small Jim “Earthquake” Hunt, #79 was in this photo, at 5’11” and around 250 lbs. Despite this, he was a terror on defense for all 10 AFL years with Boston, making several AFL All-Star appearances. By the way, this was the rookie year for his partner at DT, #65 Houston Antoine, another All-Star.

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