1964 All Star Game Photo Gallery

Todd Tobias (790 Posts)

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  1. Ron Hall says:

    Thanks to whomever posted these great ’66 AFL All Star game pictures.

  2. Virgil Baldon, Jr. says:

    If you look at the videotape of the 1970 AFL All-Star Game (hope we eventually have the photos in this gallery) and/or read the gamebook sheets, you may be surprised who carried the old Spalding J5V ball for the last time in American Football League history (Sat.,1-17-1970, Houston Astrodome).

    Rookie All-Star O.J. Simpson did, running out the clock…the ball is at the Hall Of Fame’s AFL exhibit.

  3. bobbi says:

    I was woundering. If. U or know anyone that would have a picture or any info on. A guy named Lloyd. Arnold McCoy he played with the san diego chargers in 1964. He is my but i dont have any pictures of him when he played for the chargers . Plz email me at b_gentry@yahoo.com

  4. bobbi says:

    His jersey number was #68

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