Alworth, Cappelletti & Robinson Autographed Card Pages

johnny robinson
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Regardless of what is happening in the world, professional sports, or my house, I continue to look to trading cards as a source of relaxation.  This past off-season has been no different, and I have been fortunate to add a number of interesting autographed AFL cards to my collection.  I will add them to the site in weeks to come, but kicked off that process today with new pages dedicated to three of my favorite AFL stars.

lance alworth

1971 Bazooka – #36 (Box)

Lance Alworth, Gino Cappelletti and Johnny Robinson all had long and distinguished careers in professional football, and as such were featured on multiple trading cards.   It just so happens that all three have been friendly with collectors as well.  Aside from a few small and very rare sets such as the 1960 7-11 Dallas Texans and a few years of Fairmont Dairy cards, I believe that I have assembled mostly complete and collections of autographed cards that were produced during their playing careers.  This would include oddball issues such as the 1962 Union Oils, 1968 Topps Team Tests, 1971 Bazookas and 1972 Sunoco Stamps.

Lance Alworth cards

Gino Cappelletti cards

Johnny Robinson cards

If I happen to be missing some issues, I would appreciate hearing what they may be.  Additionally, any AFL collecting stories that readers would like to share are always welcome also!

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1968 Topps Patriots Team Test – #23

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  1. bob.gibson says:

    Lance Alworth is my all time favorite sports athlete! I watched many Charger games at Balboa Stadium and was blown away by Alworth’s pure athleticism. A few years back, I actually recognized Lance at University Town Center in San Diego. I was only 20 feet away from him and he was merely standing in the middle of the pavilion. I could have walked up to him, knowing that he wasn’t busy or pre-occupied by anything. Still, I just couldn’t get up enough courage to walk up to the man! I certainly regret it today (and always will), but I also understood my awe of this man!

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