An Interview with Boston Patriots Legend, Gino Cappelletti

autographed 1965 topps gino cappelletti

As a fan of the AFL, I would enjoy the opportunity to interview any of the men associated with the league.  However, I have a particular appreciation for the 20 men players who were involved in all 10 seasons of the AFL.  Today I had the great fortune to speak with one of those gentlemen.  It was a wonderful 40-minute discussion that I am proud to be able to share with AFL fans.

Gino Cappelletti is “Mr. Patriot.”  Long before Tom Brady was ever born, Duke was kicking and catching his way into professional football history.  He is a five-time AFL All-Star, the 1964 AFL Most Valuable Player, the first player to score 1,000 points in league history, and the AFL’s all-time leading scorer.  After his storied career ended in 1970, Gino Cappelletti went on to distinguish himself with by serving as the Patriots’ radio analyst for 32 seasons.

I spoke with Gino over the phone today, and we discussed things ranging from his entrance into professional football to the 1963 AFL Championship, from Deflategate to his being snubbed by the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and everything in-between.

Todd Tobias (790 Posts)

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2 Responses to An Interview with Boston Patriots Legend, Gino Cappelletti

  1. Howard says:

    Great interview with a super guy! Gino was an excellent analyst along with the great play by play master Gil Santos! Fall Sundays were complete listening to them. I always muted the network sound in order to listen to Gino & Gil.

  2. Eddie Arminio says:

    I always had much respect of the pioneers of the AFL, and Gino was a true pioneer.Todd, like you mentioned, much respect has to be given to the twenty men who played in all of the AFL’s ten year existence.Hat’s off to the men of the NFL and AFL who were true position players and who kicked,a true thing of the past.There were many,more than likely ,all teams in the 40’s and 50’s who did this. The players that stick in my mind were Lou Groza,Paul Hornung,Jerry Kramer,George Blanda,Gene Mingo, and Gino Cappelletti. Viva Italia, Gino.

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