An Interview with the Buffalo Bills Billy Shaw

Nearly 50 years after his fantastic football career ended, Billy Shaw again made history when he became the first (and still only) player to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame who spent his entire career (1961-69) in the AFL.  Shaw spent his entire career with the Buffalo Bills, and was part of the fantastic AFL champion teams of 1964 & 1965.  Here the Hall of Fame guard discusses how he got into professional, and his time with the Bills.


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Todd Tobias (790 Posts)

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3 Responses to An Interview with the Buffalo Bills Billy Shaw

  1. billd says:

    Good interview with Billy Shaw. Glad he was elected to the HOF. I would like to see Walt Sweeney, Ed Budde, Bob Talamini, Winston Hill and Jon Morris join Billy in Canton.

  2. Just joined this great site a few minutes ago. I LOVE me some Billy Shaw! Here goes my first post!!

    He has been on various interviews, the one that got my attention the most was the Showtime Channel’s “Full Color Football-the history of the AFL.”

    I remember many an AFL game with Curt Gowdy and Paul Christman in the booth, Christman eventually replaced by Al DeRogatis. Shaw was tough, hardnosed, and as an offensive lineman I saw him whipped rarely. RARELY! I remember one time Ray Carlton went on a long run for 6 against Houston.Who was step for step with Carlton as Carlton hit the goal line? Billy Shaw! Easily the best offensive lineman in AFL history with Ron Mix slightly behind him.A great, great HOFer!

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