1960 Houston Oilers Matchbooks

This 10-book set was produced by Universal Match Corp., and featured the team mascot and logo on what would have been the outside of the matchbook, while one of 10 different players was revealed when opening the flap.  The most desirable ”card’ in the set is of Hall of Fame quarterback and kicker, George Blanda.  The other nine players are Johnny Carson, Doug Cline, Don Hitt, Mark Johnston, Dan Lanphear, Jacky Lee, Bill Mathis, Hogan Wharton and Bob White.  It is an interesting group of players.  A few tidbits on this group:

  • Blanda, Lee and Mathis represent three of the 20 men that played all 10 seasons of the AFL.
  • Don Hitt never actually played for the Oilers.  During the 1960 training camp, Hitt learned that he had a severe for of diabetes, and thus was forced to end his career before it began.
  • All of the players are also featured in the 1960 Fleer football card set, with the exception of Mark Johnston.  Identical photos were used in both the cards and matchbooks.





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