Bert Coan being Inducted into Texas High School Football Hall of Fame

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Running back Bert Coan was drafted by the Oakland Raiders in 1962.  After playing in four games with the Chargers, Coan was shipped off to the Kansas City Chiefs prior to the start of the 1963 season.  Coan spent six years with the Chiefs where he had a strong, if unheralded career.  He led the AFL with 5.4 yards-per-carry in 1966, and finished Top 10 in the league each season in most rushing categories.

Always known for his great speed, Bert Coan is being honored this week with induction into the Texas High School Football Hall of Fame.  You can read more about Coan, and his high school, collegiate and professional sporting achievements in the article HERE.

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  1. afl says:

    Bert Coan was fast… unfortunately he was also plagued by injury. In his 7 year career, he averaged more than 5 yards per carry 3 different seasons. 1966 was his best year: he averaged 5.43 per carry, second in the AFL behind his teammate Mike Garrett’s 5.45 ypc. Career, Bert averaged more than 5 yards per carry 3 different seasons as a triple-threat plus one weapon who ran the ball, caught passes, passed the ball and returned kicks.

    Coan began ’66 as the Chiefs starting HB but rookie Garrett, equally stellar, eventually became the starter. Coan led KC in rushing in 5 games including 2 100-yard games but had zero rushes in 2 other games due to injury. All told, Bert rushed for 7 tds, he caught 2 more and also threw a td pass on the halfback option for 10 td plays overall that year.

    Still remember the 2nd half of Superbowl I when NBC came back late from commercial. GB had to kickoff a second time and on the re-kick, Coan exploded up the middle of the field and, had he kept his feet, may have taken it all the way for a Chiefs touchdown. He wasn’t part of the 1969 Chiefs Superbowl team, his active career having ended in ’68, but to fill his shoes in ’69 the Chiefs used former Charger Paul Lowe, trade acquisition Warren McVea and rookie Robert Holmes to help augment the duo of Mike Garrett & Wendell Hayes. As well, it isn’t very often that you see a 6’4 (or 6’5 depending on source) halfback; Bert & another college Texan Donny Anderson (6’3) of the Packers were exceptions the sub six-foot rule.

  2. Matt Haddad a.k.a. overdrive1975 says:

    Yet another player I’d heard of but knew virtually nothing about.

    Thanks Todd, and 1967 (a.k.a. AFL), for educating me.

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