Better Moves Than Alworth?


lance alworth cartoon

THE DENVER POST – February 4, 1968

I recently came across this cartoon.  It was published in The Denver Post on February 4, 1968.  Not sure why it wasn’t run during the football season, but it gave me a chuckle.


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4 Responses to Better Moves Than Alworth?

  1. afl says:

    Contrast that light-hearted early ’68 cartoon with football headlines 2015: Chargers leaving San Diego for LA, cheating scandals, player holdouts… villains abound if no heroes, steady ‘ch-cha-ching’ the bottom line backdrop to it all. Remember the days it was moreso a game… and shed a tear.

  2. Eddie Arminio says:

    All great points afl.I often think of the scenario if Al Davis, not Pete Rozelle,was named commissioner of the newly merged NFL.Al would have been great for the owners and players.Comparing him to Roger Goodell is definately apples and oranges.The owners had Al do all the dirty work, bringing the NFL to its knees, then threw him out to dry.

    • Howard says:

      The last possible scenario would have been appointing Al Davis commissioner of the merged league. Davis was hated by 100% of the NFL owners. He was also despised by many AFL owners.

      Many AFL owners did not like Al Davis precisely because of his tactics. He did force a merger, but his goal was the destruction of the NFL. The AFL owners realized that was a mutual suicide pact. Weak franchises like Denver, Boston and perhaps Buffalo would have folded. The NFL would have lost Pittsburgh and St. Louis. A stronger combined entity was the result.

  3. Eddie Arminio says:

    “Just Win,Baby”

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