Boston Patriots History, 1960-1964

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One of the great and overlooked sources of AFL information are the yearbooks that the teams produced back in the 1960s.  This particular essay comes from the 1964 Patriots yearbook, and gives a good, succinct history of the team from inception through the beginning of the 1964 season.

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3 Responses to Boston Patriots History, 1960-1964

  1. Eddie Arminio says:

    The Patriots history before the Krafts owned them was a roller coaster ride, to say the least.Billy Sulliva, Victor Kiam, and Bob Orthwein were the previouTs owners.I’m giving credit to Billy here,he ran the team on a shoestring,bounced around stadiums in Boston and finally built a generic, no frills stadium in 1971.He was probably the least wealthiest owner in the original AFL. I give the Sullivans credit for not moving,they ran the team within their means.He had a concern for the Boston area.

  2. tednikchi says:

    Krafts are the class of the NFL in terms of ownership but, as someone who remember watching the original AFL back in the 60’s, I loved those teams, logos, and uniforms.

  3. Eddie Arminio says:

    Could’t be better said.

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