Buffalo Sports Columnist Larry Felser Passes Away

Longtime sports columnist for The Buffalo News, and staunch AFL supporter, Larry Felser passed away yesterday after a brief illness. He was 80 years old.  You can read his obituary in The Buffalo News HERE.

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2 Responses to Buffalo Sports Columnist Larry Felser Passes Away

  1. Jeff says:

    I grew up reading Mr. Felser. Truly the voice of the Bills. He will be greatly missed by this life long fan.

  2. 1967 says:

    First read Larry Felser in ‘Street & Smith’s Pro Football Yearbook’ in the mid 1960’s & made it a point read him thereaft S & S, Sporting News, wherever he penned his takes.

    Not just because he extolled my Chiefs those mid-late 60’s era did he win a new fan that day forward, but because he was genuinely insightful. Perspective was what he delivered, measured reviews in lieu pot shots, objectivity same instead saccharine content typical from ‘rubber-stamp it’ local scribes my team’s town, as yours.

    R.I.P. Larry… long live the AFL.

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