Buzz Ponce and Finding Frank Hit the Air in San Diego

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autographed 1965 topps frank buncom

#156 – Frank Buncom

We have spent several posts over the last year touting the research and writing of Finding Frank, a wonderful new book about former AFL star, Frank Buncom.  As many of you know, the book was the culmination of a promise made to Buncom’s memory by Chargers ball boy-turned-author, Buzz Ponce, some 40+ years ago.  It is a truly fantastic story that goes well beyond the confines of a typical football biography.  Along the lines of The Cookie That Did Not Crumble, by Chris Garbarino, Finding Frank is a gripping human interest story cloaked inside a football wrapper.

Buzz Ponce was recently featured in an interview on San Diego’s News Channel 10.  Here is the author telling the story of Finding Frank.



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2 Responses to Buzz Ponce and Finding Frank Hit the Air in San Diego

  1. billd says:

    Excellent Book. Buzz Ponce not only tells a great story about his relationship with Frank Buncom but he also captures the essence and identity of the times in the 1950’s and 60’s that shaped both Mr. Ponce and Frank Buncom and how much of that is still alive today.

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